Thursday, September 18, 2014

Documentary The Wild Dogs Onrush - Documentaries Film

Your pets are closer to being wild than you think! Yes, there are actually some very odd behavior, bizarre, or downright disgusting wild dog often displayed by our pets, but very misunderstood by people. How can we eliminate unwanted dog behaviors if we do not know its origin in nature, their true meaning and purpose? Let's debunk some.

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After your dog does its job by removing the outside, he began his feet and cover the mess with dirt and leaves. It is pure dog instinctive behavior. What it does is apply a very intelligent and critical skill for survival in the wild. It covers and remove odor, which might otherwise cause it to be found by predators.

Wolves mother actually eat the stools of puppies until they are old enough to run with the herd. As horrible as it sounds, if the mother did not, they would be very young puppies lie or sit in their own mess or with a partner of the litter. Then they can be easily located by predators. Until puppies can move away from their droppings, they need to be licked by the mother and stimulated to go to the toilet under his supervision.

Another annoyance for humans, most dogs scratch the floor before going to bed at night to sleep. Contrary to what many believe, your dog scratching the carpet or floor in most cases is not a nesting instinct, but rather a signal that he is at his post and content assigned. It will then turn to the left, right and left again and go to bed. You see, every member of the pack to sleep in the same place every night, and your domestic dog still has that instinctive animal behavior firmly rooted.

Several people told me that their dog wants attention when he shows the stomach for them. This is partly true, as many dogs do it so well that no one can resist them, and they know it! You have to understand, but it is another instinctive behavior for dogs in the presence of their leader - This is a sign of submission and respect, but not fear.

Senior posture wolves wolves junior, especially younger ones, to show displeasure or take their place. The junior animal often shows her stomach, or that the author of the popular book series for children, "Julie of the Wolves," said. "Flashing the white flag of surrender"

Another risk triggering discomfort and possible is too enthusiastic you get from your favorite pooch. Wolf puppies jumping with enthusiasm and licking his mouth and adults faces when they return from the hunt. The jump is a welcome and joyous greeting that comes to them naturally. After all, they can not reach the faces of adults without jumping.

Our puppies are also looking to lick our faces, feeling the food we have eaten recently - for adult wolves regurgitate them. I go a long way for my dogs, but not so far!

Other lick? Chin is licking behavior of the animal instinct, which is a great sign of respect, it is designed as an honor when your dog wants to "kiss" your. He recognizes you as their parents and want to make themselves look good. If you are still having serious problems (such as sorting) is encouraged. Dhaka licking is a sign that your dog is seriously looking to you as a leader. Be!

Wolves and dogs also own eyes, ears and each others genitals lick and clean the other and keep the herd healthy. It is not to be healthy. You may also have noticed that the wolf or dog's mouth on the other. This is actually a massage they do to build muscle.

The instinct of another dog, but junk is common to steal food from humans and other animals. This can have serious consequences, food is one of the power struggles between dogs. My Labrador Retriever puppy lost the struggle for power after a time - when she dared to take a piece of my eggs and cheese, which I took back!

Remember that for some of you who have pets that have these dog instinctive behavior, and you do not like them, there are ways to stop everyone and everything. Dogs instinctively submit to his pack leader, and will stop a behavior when they know it is not wanted by you. You do not live with a disgusting wild dog or annoying

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