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A Murder of Crows - Nature Documentary

This film is vintage, filmed in 1999, it stars Cuba Goading JR. (victim of the Oscar curse, when some players suffer career after winning an Oscar - are actual curses) As Russell Lawson, a former attorney Louisiana has been disqualified after knowing that his client is accused of murder was guilty. He accuses his client just in the witness stand and essentially ending his legal career. 

Nature Documentary - A Murder of Crows - Full Length Documentaries
Need a change of scenery, travels to Key West, decided to write about their experiences. But it suffers
from writer's block - the kind that has him looking at page one. 
Murder of Crows Documentaries 
It is a fascinating old who has written a book and allows Lawson to read your manuscript. It is the death of five lawyers who appeared seemingly deserve. It is good fiction. 
Old share the meaning of the strange title: A group of crows is called a "murder." 
The author dies suddenly (murdered?) And Lawson discovers that he had no family. The manuscript is still in the hands of Lawson, and is so good that he decided to send him as their own. It will be the kind of success that libraries put your poster in their windows. He is sought out and travel around doing author appearances bestseller. 
It was later discovered that the book is not exactly fiction. The five lawyers were killed, as the book describes, with many details are never shared with the public. Lawson is the main and only suspect. Case handled by the detective Clifford Dubois. The hard boiled Dubois played by Tom Bringer, who, incidentally, has aged very well. It really seems that Lawson has killed all the lawyers. After returning to New Orleans, is being represented by a lawyer who had been his best friend in the business (excellent performance of Marianne Jean-Baptiste, you never know she was British). 
There were some memorable lines uttered by Bringer. 
Russell Lawson: "As drinking detective" 
Clifford Dubois: Nah, do not touch. It makes me happy. " 
Dubois also finds herself "as confused as a nun on a honeymoon." 
New Orleans accents attempted, but are not accurate. Visitors to New Orleans to hear accents that are much more subtle. It is also a city where much of the population has moved there, I grew up there. 
The film received "61% liked" on Rotten Tomatoes. "Murder of Crows" 
It is worth seeing. A lot of twists and turns to keep you in your chair. 
Cuba Goading JR. plays a disabled lawyer who decides to write a book. You suffering from writer's block, he meets an old man who has written a great script and suddenly die, householder. Goading character spends the book as his, and later accused of the murders described in the book.

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