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Documentaries - Grizzly Bears Fighting

Grizzly Bear seems to be among the most common that people recognize by their appearance. They are very large bears, and often have a layer that is brown chocolate color. Some of them have a white tip them, but when they get older. Their size varies between 5 and 8 meters high
with males are larger than females. They can weigh up to 800 pounds.

Animal Documentaries - Grizzly Bears Fighting -Documentary film 
Grizzly Bears available in North America and is often mistaken for brown bears also around the same area. They will be around rivers in Alaska when it's time for the salmon run upstream to spawn during the summer months. They have a great area to move in search of food, with the radius of the male is very stock than females. Also find them in areas of Canada. 
These bears can cover many miles each day. They can also run at 30 miles per hour in case of need. With that kind of speed and power is that it is very rare that the prey can escape them. 
Grizzly Bears Fighting 
With the exception of caring for their children, brown bears are very solitary animals. They are excellent caregivers and can become very aggressive when people are at the same time as they have children. Women also struggle with the male grizzly bears to protect their young. 
Diet and nutrition 
They are the top of the food chain when it comes to this area. They do not have to worry much about becoming food for something else. They can also take your pick when it comes to food there. Some of his favorites include nuts, berries, leaves and roots. They will also contribute to a variety of animals. Some of them are very small rodents such. But other times they will be at a moose. 
Grizzlies consume large amounts of fish such as salmon. They are very skilled hunters and it is exciting to see them. They will follow the water and quickly slid his claws when the fish comes with. Most times it will catch their prey, consume, and continue the search for more by the same method. 
Brown bears mate from May to mid-July. During this time the male calling females. Females leave a stronger smell for them to follow. Media courtship eat together and rub the sides of each other. 
They separated shortly after mating and the female gives birth to one or two cubs at a time. The gestation period ranges from 180 days to 265 days. Children are about one pound at birth and very vulnerable. Mothers are great at taking care of them anyway. When it comes to two or three years will head on their own. 
There are fewer than 1,000 grizzly bears remaining in the wild today. Illegal hunting and destruction of their habitat remains a threat. Even with strong conservation measures in place, it is very difficult to get their numbers increase. The fact that so few left encouraged zoos to take them on and help them multiply in a safe environment. Plans for some of the youth to be returned to the wild is in place. 
human interaction 
Although Grizzly Bear is protected in the continental United States, many people can still kill them in Canada and Alaska. They are considered as big game trophies and a limited number of them left, many want to get one before it's too late. The Grizzlies developed a reputation as a man eaters means that many people do not care whether they are hunted or not.

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