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Animal Documentary - Lions Hunting

Although the Siberian and Amour tigers are both significantly larger than the African lion, the lion takes almost always ahead of its striped cousin when people are talking about the largest wild cat. Maybe it's because it's dark golden mane, fierce and warlike disposition. Of all the big cats, is the person who is constantly engaged in conflict not only with the victims, but other male competitors. The average lifespan of an African lion, after reaching maturity is approximately 3 years. They face constant challenges from other lone male lion who wants to usurp his position as head of the pack, and is usually strong enough for the first three years to fend off would-be conquerors.

Facts about Lions - Great Beasts 
The Lion, although generally smaller than the largest tigers, is still a giant wildcat. With women and muscular 300 pounds raw unbridled average, are much stronger than any human male could aspire to be, and has been down thousands of pounds herbivores and strangle its jaws. To put it in perspective, when was the last time you tried to bring down a horse!? 
The male lion is a truly majestic, powerful and majestic carnivores, and weighs an average of about 450 to 500 kg. Although not generally considered a good hunter as a woman, the truth is more of an optimization - there is an animal on the African plains a team that can handle 300 pounds hunting, lionesses rationalized crackdowns against them. Simply no need - it is not efficient for the dynamics of pride - however powerful male to constantly engage in battles with prey. The lioness is more than capable of handling this obligation. 
Full Animal Documentary - Lions Hunting & Eating Baboons  
However, sometimes the male happens to be near a hunt, and that's when his fearsome power saw. The African Lion can be seen to take great Cape buffalo itself, while usually takes 3-4 females to finish. Or maybe, it appears that about two thighs toned down giraffe. Even in the horrible encounters with hyenas, a male often enough to deter a clan of more than ten natural competitors sharp teeth that steal kills lion - and vice versa - by sheer force of numbers. It usually takes about four hyenas chasing a lioness of a massacre, while a male African lion has been seen rampaging groups dispersion of 20! 
Lions Hunting documentaries 
More African Lion Facts 
The lion's mane is similar to the tail feathers of the peacock: it is for vision - even if its thickness provides some protection against attacks by other males neck during battles. The thicker and darker the hair, the more attractive is the lion lionesses. There is an additional advantage: the darkness and the size of the man indicates more aggressive lions due to the higher concentration of testosterone. 
Leo is respected and revered throughout cultures and time, and worthwhile for people as a global community to ensure its continued preservation. Poachers and hunters more hunting land thieves, the greatest threat, and we must all do our part to ensure the survival of the King of Elide. 
Tim is an avid conservationist with a particular interest to the lion of the regions of Asia and Africa. He writes regularly on African lion facts for children and adults, to raise awareness and instill a sense of pride as the protector of the planet compassionate people.

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